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BCRC Basketball is an instructional recreation program for youth in grades 3rd through 10th for boys and 3rd through 12 for girls. We have the full backing of the Ballenger Creek Recreation Council, Frederick County Parks & Recreation Department and the City of Frederick Recreation Department in our pursuit of gym time for practices and games. 

Our website is an important vehicle for disseminating information to our coaches as well as to our players, parents and community. Please check back often for updates about the league, game rules, practice schedules and other pertinent details. Game schedules will be given out via  the MYBA basketball website.

The program is run by a Leadership Team of 5  members in addition to the Director. If you are interested in helping the organization continue to provide a service to the community and our children or if you know someone that might be interested … or if you have any questions about the program please send your inquiry by clicking here.

Let’s work together to make BCRC Basketball a success and a springboard to a future our community will be proud of!


Youth Basketball Game

Established in 1991, the Monocacy Youth Basketball Association formed a recreational youth basketball league for boys and girls in grades 3-12. Today there are more than 20 communities within Frederick and Carroll Counties that participate in the league. For more information, click on the link below.


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